Local Lenders

As real estate professionals we work with many local lenders and help our clients know about great loan programs if they are eligible. Special loan programs for first time home buyers, service workers, condo loans, renovation loans, and 100% financing down payment options are available for eligible lenders with some of our local lenders.

Loan Programs we want buyers to know about. If it isn’t for you give us a referral it could be a great opportunity for.

Good Neighbor Nextdoor Program allows full time firefighters, teachers, police, EMTs, and other public service positions 50% off select foreclosure properties if purchasing as primary residence for 3 years!

Tennessee Housing Development Agency Down Payment Assistance Program program for eligible first time home buyers. In select zip codes this can be up to $15,000 down payment assistance for eligible homes. 

Chenoa Fund provides 100% financing for eligible buyers along with an FHA loan. 

FHA Rehabilitation Mortgage 203k provides financing for renovation loans program. 

Home Equity Line of Credits. Convert equity in your home to buy investment property, make improvements on your home, or payoff debt.

Reverse Mortgages and Reverse Purchases can be a great option to convert equity to usable personal use funds, use to invest in real estate, purchase a home with 50-55% cash and not have a monthly payment, or covert low interest financing to add to retirement funds.

Investment Loans including 15%-20% down conventional loans for single family rentals or properties to be renovated and resold.

Recommended Local Lenders. Each lender has many general loans and different specialty loans they offer. We can connect you with a great loan officer at each company and contact them to learn more about their programs.